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Drawing a World-Class Sporting Event to a Close

The Ultimate World Under-23 Championships in Toronto was a fantastic event. Team Canada made the final round against Team USA in both the mixed and open brackets and came away with very respectable silver medals and bronze for the women.

I was proud to have been called upon to coordinate the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. It was also a pleasure to work closely with members of the Toronto Ultimate Club, many of whom I admire for their dedication to the sport of Ultimate and their smarts to pull off a world class event.

Here are a few photo highlights of the experience.

It's been an exciting season for the sport of Ultimate, which also saw the Toronto Rush, Toronto's first professional Ultimate team face off in the American Ultimate Disk League. 2013 was their inaugural year to enter the professional league and became the 2013 champions! Rumour has it that the Toronto fans are the biggest and loudest. I couldn't be more proud of the spirit of global sportsmanship embodied in Toronto. You can watch the highlights here.

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