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See my handiwork firsthand next Sunday. And ceremoniously.

Canada vs. Australia at the last World Ultimate Under-23 Championships (Florence Italy, 2010)

I'm very proud to be Event Coordinator for the Opening & Closing Ceremonies for the Ultimate World Under-23 Championships taking place next week. There will be 900+ athletes competing from 38 teams and 17 countries. This should be exciting to watch.

The Opening Ceremonies next Sunday (July 21) are free to the public. They'll be a wonderful opportunity for you to see firsthand a project I've been working on. They're also a chance to support and cheer on Canada's finest (or any other country's finest, if you're so inclined) in Ultimate (in short, Frisbee football, a sport I avidly participate in).

The WFDF Ultimate World Under-23 Championships Opening Ceremonies take place 3-5PM, Sunday, July 21 at York University. The fields are just west of York Stadium, on the south side of Steeles. I look forward to seeing you there!

Can't make it in person?

Live webcast is slated to go live immediately after the Opening Ceremonies.

Please see the official website for more info.

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