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Fatigue or Gut Instinct?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

A week after my contract ended to be the Director of Operations for a 7000 person assembly in Korea, I was recommended for a 5000 person congress in Bangkok. Well, no rest for the weary!

After speaking to the organization a week later, I was asked to fly down for an interview. For whatever reason, I was uneasy about moving forward. Was it my fatigue speaking so soon after my previous contract had been prematurely cut short or was it my gut instinct and I really needed to pay attention to this?

Regardless, they agreed to call off the interview process but offered instead to fly me in as a consultant. It was great to meet the staff and facilitate the team planning process. They seemed to appreciate the ideas and planning that we generated. One staff member commented that the planning had gone from theory to something much more tangible and that she had a more realistic idea of the sheer amount of work ahead of them for the next two years. Success!

The organization has since invited me to accompany them to Bangkok at the end of April to assist with the contract negotiations with the convention centre and local Thai organization Memo of Understanding. Is there anything we need to be aware of as we negotiate such an important contract? Any cultural aspects that would be helpful to keep in mind?

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